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I have a Windows 2000 PC that i need to log onto, on the domain but a previous user has locked it down so much apparently that we are unable to access it only as Admin.
Within Admin profile we can see that she has used the gpedit.msc local security policy to lock it down but within User Rights Assignment, there is nothing that stands out which it could be.
The NIC is fine in it and we can ping everything.
The PC was added to the domain previously before it was locked down.
Any idea what  i should look for her specifically ?
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There is a policy that denies local logons:
Did you check that?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
get a hold of the setup.inf administratove template - and apply it to this machine it will reset local policy back to day1 settings
Brinny05Author Commented:
Thanks Pete but this isn't exactly what i want.
I'm up against a timeline here and would ideally like to keep the PC locked down as is but have one specific account to be able to log into it ? (all accounts on domain would be fine too though)
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
secedit /configure /db old /cfg "c:\windows\system32\setup.inf" /overwrite /quiet
Brinny05Author Commented:
No joy with this Pete.
I entered the above in the DOS Prompt and rebooted and tried to log in myself but no joy.

When attempting to make an adjustment myself within the GPEdit.msc tool i get the message

Security Template:
Failed to save Local Policy Database

Might this have some implications ?
Can you log in to the machine using Admin Account.
Can you create new user's with Admin Previledges.
Brinny05Author Commented:
Thanks for your help lads.
I got it sorted though.
The PC had been imaged from another PC and the name of the PC hadn't changed so there was 2 PC's with the same name on the domain.
Just created another resource and assigned this PC and different name.
Can logon fine now
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