accessing remote machines


what are the different ways in which i can access another machine working on my unix system.
what is the difference between them.
what is difference between rsh, remsh, rlogin & ssh?
what is scp mode of copying?
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man telnet
man rsh
man remsh
man rlogin
man ssh

take care that rsh and remsh may be totally different programs depending on your OS

> what is scp mode of copying
scp usses ssh to copy files
rochit85Author Commented:
are there only these 5 ways to access another machine.
differences between them is not clear after reading man pages.
>  are there only these 5 ways ..
no, there're infinite
you do not expect the differences of all varitions of an infinite list, do you?

Sorry, for homework question you only get references to docs you should be aware of ;-)
Your question is to vage to give an answer.
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rochit85Author Commented:
no you are taking me wrong. Actually i have a presentation on accessing remote machines, and performing different tasks. for that i need help. big problem is difference between rsh remsh rlogin  
& ssh. please help
> big problem is difference between rsh remsh rlogin  & ssh. please help
r* tools are considered insecure
rsh and remsh are different things depending on OS, could mean "remote shell", "restricted shell"
rochit85Author Commented:
what is difference between these. when i tried using these they all perform all duties. using any of rsh, rlogin, remsh & ssh. i have been able to log on to other machines and have had no problem in doing any work, whether it is executing something or anything else. could you please help me by telling me the difference between these.
> .. telling me the difference ..
security, that's it
rochit85Author Commented:
sorry to say but security can be taken as a difference between rsh & ssh.
but this is not a satisfactory difference between rsh, rlogin & remsh.
> .. satisfactory difference between rsh, rlogin & remsh.
I'll always deny to post what can be read if you follow the suggestion in http:#16279025  )sorry I don't waste bandwidth;-)
rochit85Author Commented:
so according to you rsh, rlogin & remsh are all one & same thing?
see previous comments, but
5 days of try and error can save 42 minuts of manual reading ;-)
Prashant SabnekarAVPCommented:
telnet: telnet stands for terminal login, through which you can log in to a remote machine.

ssh: ssh allows users to log on to a remote machine as a root, ssh asks root password of the remote machine as a login prerequisite

copying to remote machine
1. by scp
scp -r filepath IPOfDest :/root/path
2. by ftp
ftp IP
get filename
put filename

Prashant Sabnekar
> .. ssh allows users to log on to a remote machine as a root, ssh asks root password of the remote machine
what's unique here to ssh? that's the same for telnet too.
rochit85Author Commented:
firstly can any one clear me the difference between rsh and rlogin?
stolen from man rsh:

     Rsh executes command on host.

stolen from man rlogin:

     Rlogin starts a terminal session on a remote host.

14 days of try&error can save 2 minutes of reading ;-)

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