Submitting multiple forms using javascript's submit()


I have 2 forms on the same page. I use this for the submit buttons:

<INPUT onclick=document.f1.submit(); type=button value="Send f1">
f1 is form name

on the 2nd form:

<INPUT onclick=document.f2.submit(); type=button value="Send f2">
f2 is form name

The problem is in my PHP script. How do I know when the different forms were submitted?
I try
but it doesn't work.

Only if I define the button with type=submit does it work.

Also how do I tell which form was sent?


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Add an hidden input field in both forms:

<input type="hidden" name="sourceForm" value="form1" />

Then use:

if(isset($_POST['sourceForm']) && $_POST['sourceForm'] == 'form1') {


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