Warning R4 remote name server is needed for type-ahead feature

I have had no problems with my emails in years, now I'm getting the following error when trying to send out an email:
"Warning R4 remote name server is needed for type-ahead feature"
Does anyone know what this means, there have been no server configuration changes.

We are running Lotus Domino Verion (Ahem.....) 4.6

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Hi linetex,
have you tried to restart your NAB server (server with names.nsf where lookup is done).

Obviously the message says that when typing the user name in the address field the lookup (when names are suggested to you) isn't working because you LN client thinks that server version is too low.

You control the lookup in you location document:
    On the Servers tab:
        Lookup is done on the server listed in "Domino directory server", and if is is not entered the "Home/Mail server" is used.
    On the Mail tab:
        Here is controled how the lookup works (fields Recipient name type-ahead, Activate recipient name type-ahead, Recipient name lookup)

If you say "Exhaustively check all address books" in the last field then besides server's nab, all address books in the field
    File - User preferences - Mail - General - Local address books
will be looked up.

Hope this helps,
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I found this in an old Knowledge Base:
"Warning: R4 Remote Name Server Is Needed for Type Ahead feature" with "Lookup Names..." Attribute


While designing a database, you have created a shared field with the datatype Names, Author or Readers. You have also enabled the field attribute "Lookup names as each character is entered" so the fields can perform a name-lookup to the Name and Address Book (N&A Book). When you use the shared field, however, the lookup fails with one of the following errors:

"Warning: R4 remote name server is needed for type ahead feature"

"Cannot find <xxxx>"


This issue has been reported to Lotus Quality Engineering.

Avoid using a shared field in combination with the Lookup feature. If the database is already far into production, you can add a non-shared field, with the same field attributes, to the form and hide it. The non-shared field's presence in the form will allow the shared fields (to which the users have access) to function correctly.

May I suggest to upgrade a little...?
Nice digging... wondering if they changed their DNS on the network so that the location doc on the client is now pointing to the wrong server name, or if there are conflicting connection documents.

4.6 you had to create connection documents for remote server, one for internal and one for external, and you (before DNS) used either the server name or IP addresses.

Check both your location and connection documents to make sure they are pointing to the correct server (either IP address or network server name).  If you're working off line, or if the connection to the server is busy, then the type-ahead will fail.  If they've upgraded or changed the mail system to a different server, then maybe the servername or ip address has changed ??

YOu need connection and location documents for internal connections and if you are working remotely, internet connections.  When internal, you switch to the "Office" location that points to the internal servers.  When remote, you switch to the "Internet" connection that resolves the Notes IP addresses to the external/internal connections.

Also, local firewall programs (i.e. XP) need to be configured to allow the connection if remote.
linetexAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the replies, but for what ever reason, all has now come back. No server or client changes? Mail is back to Normal.

sjef_bosman: It may be time for an upgrade.
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