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Configuring DNS and Agteway in a test environment

here is the senerio:

I am trying to run the MIIS gal sych walk through.   I have 2 servers newly created.  1 server has 2003 server ent, DC, dns,MIIS, exchange 2003.

The other server has 2003 server ent, exchange, DC.
2 total separate forests.

my problem is that I cant get thenm too to talk to each other.

I created an inside lan connection  server 1,,DNS

second server,,

What do I put for the gateway? Would the wrong gateway cause it to not work?
I use my companies gate way which is

Im thinking that I cant use that becuase its not on the same subnet.


the walk thru says to make 2 primary dns records so the to active ditrectory forests can talk to each other.



I put these in Primary zones and still cannot get the 2 server to talk to each other. Whwen I try to connect to Fabnoa domain from Connoa which hiosts MIIS, I get server down or cannot find network connection.
Is there anything other than adding them to rpimary zones I need to do?  I have deleted the zones many times and redone it.  Do I need to reload AD so it syncs to it again?



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can you ping from both environments?
Server 1

Second server

Because these servers are on the same network...and the same subnet, a default gateway is NOT needed for the two servers to "talk" to one another.

Adding a gateway of would not work....
danman265Author Commented:
The dcdiag test fails on the second server.

Doing initial required tests

   Testing server: Default-First-Site-Name\FABNOA-DC-01
      Starting test: Connectivity
         The host 7dd92f86-81ed-422c-a747-7bedd583f887._msdcs.Fabnoa.fabcorp.fab
rikam.com could not be resolved to an
         IP address.  Check the DNS server, DHCP, server name, etc
         Although the Guid DNS name
          couldn't be resolved, the server name
         (fabnoa-dc-01.Fabnoa.fabcorp.fabrikam.com) resolved to the IP address
         ( and was pingable.  Check that the IP address is
         registered correctly with the DNS server.
         ......................... FABNOA-DC-01 failed test Connectivity

I get this.  How can I get the second server to resolved.   What entries must be made in the other server to make this work?

They are ping able
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