cannot delete user accounts in XP Home

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I log in as Admin to XP Home and need to delete 2 user accounts that are also Admin accounts.  When I select delete account, the computer hangs on that task.  It looks as though the process mshta.exe is involved and causing the problem?  I have tried Manage Computer, but there is no Local Users and Groups in Home.  Should I tried to boot is Safe Mode?  or change the account status to Limited?
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Beofre Windows XP Startup Press F8 a couple of times and you will be given choices... Select SafeMODE and let the computer do its work.(Might take some time)
Log in as ADMIN
Then go to Control Panel
Select User accounts
Then Delete whatever necessary. (User Accounts)
Make sure to keep you own user account
WARNING If you delete an account you will lose whatever that was in the account.(Files etc..)

Good Luck


I did try Safe Mode and it hangs when I try to delete the account.

try deleting them from the command line

Click Start
Click Run
Type: CMD
Type:   net user <USERNAME> /delete

(replace <USERNAME> with the account you eish to delete)
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I will try the net user command and keep you posted.  Thanks!
have these people logged off their accounts before shutting down they may still be active
if you understand the shared options in network neighbourhood these should be unshared first, and logged off accounts.
try righclicking my computer properties advanced user profiles settings delete the profiles


Thanks for your help.  I was only able to finally delete the user accounts through User Profiles in System Properties.  The user were logged off but the system would not let me delete the user accounts through the usual method in the Control Panel.  
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