Administrator account not working in windows XP professional

Hi Experts

 I have problem with my Adminmistrator account.I was working on a machine which had 2 accounts .one administrator and the other Limited .i changed the administrator to limited and now the problem is how can i create an Administrator account so i can have all rights.when i go to user accounts it shows only one account and dosnt show the aother account.
i cant create an account from registry also as have no what do u suggest.

Thanks mates waiting for ur answer.

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Marc ZCommented:
Try booting in Safe Mode and use the built in Admin Account. Should be blank password if no one changed it.  Hit F8 after rebooting to enter safe mode.  If you can access that then you change your limited user back to admin.
Do you have a domain admin account and can you log into this?

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There has to be at least one administrator account left, by design.

XP won't let you get rid of all administrator level accounts.

See here:

Cannot change his or her own account type to limited unless there is at least one other user with a computer administrator account. This ensures that there is always at least one user with a computer administrator account on the computer.

So you need to check and see what all accounts are there...

do a NET USER from a command prompt.  It will list all local accounts.  It should show the 2 accounts you are talking about that are limited, and at least 1 other account, and it should have admin rights.
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Jeff BeckhamEngineerCommented:
There must be another account on the machine that is still an administrator.  Windows wouldn't have allowed you to change the type from administrator to limited, otherwise.
rauf_patsAuthor Commented:

 Tried to use safe mode but couldnt again do anything thing in that mode as it will not give me permission to change anything and user accounts will only show only one account which is limited.

  I loged on by typing administrator when computer started and presses ok and i was able to log on to administrator .
and thgat solved my problem .Thanks all of you for helping and assisting me .
Marc ZCommented:
Right,  that's what I suggested.  Thanks for the update.
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