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Windows XP posting incorrect date modified in Windows Explorer

kentcrane asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
Windows XP Home SP2.  When creating a new file, the file date that is shown in Windows Explorer is not the same as the system date. When viewing the file properties, the created, modified and last accessed dates are all incorrect.
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Could this be part of your answer perhaps?   Reference DLL problems.
Scroll down halfway, to the paragraph >>  Don't rely on the file date shown .....


couple of things you could do kentcrane  check in control panel  Regeonal Language options and yoru country is being used.
If in Australia daylight saving is off.
DB click the date Time on Taskbar check it is using internet time.
Replace yoru bios battery. Very cheap to buy a new one.
Press DEL and check date and time YEAR is correct.
Cheers Merete


I am in Central Time in USA and my Windows date and time is correct on both the Date and Time window of the Control Panel and on the date and time that is shown at the bottom right hand of the task bar. I am using time.windows.com internet time.  When I create a new folder using file>new,  the date created is off by over a month in advance of the current date as shown on the task bar. All files modified by my running programs are also off by the same amount. Could one of my software programs or a virus cause the problem?

No software programs should have any reference/effect with the windows create new folder. that is if your simply rightclicking a space and createa new folder.
How is it then that All files modified by my running programs ???
if you could provide some more detais on that one it doesnt make any sense lol.

When you create a new folder using file>new, yep ok..

but then you kinda lost me again here>>the date created is off by over a month>>>(( in advance of the current date )) <<< this part is a bit confusing kentcrane
 you create a new folder and r/click properties  here you see created today and date?

if I click on the advanced of my newly created folder there is no date etc.

More details please then maybe I can help you.

If you are concerned about any malware
Please download HijackThis 1.99.1

Open Hijackthis, click  scan and save a logfile
then navigate to programfiles hijackthis folder and copy out the log file entire page uing edit select all copy
then  paste the log here>> http://www.hijackthis.de/   there is window into which you paste it then below

 click "Analyse", "Save". at the very bottom of this page..  
Copy the address/url and post a link to the saved list here.
please check the url is the correct one
Lets se if you have some problems it's all done very quickly takes about 5 minutes
Cheers Merete

ok this may hold a key for me to undertsand unless you mis typed
When I create a new folder using file>new<< using >>FILE<<new this is it, if you are creating a new file on an existing file it retains the original date it would look like mdofied from.
If I undertsand you then your not creating a new folde your simply creating a new file from an old file//
lol you should be where I am with no information other than yoru words.
What file are you using and what is the circumstance that your creating a new file.
this would help
regards Merete
pegasysIT, System Admin, Development and Stack Development

Make sure that in your regional settings that the Region (Timezone) is correct. This could have an impact on the file times.


As I mentioned, my timezone is set for Central.  My system time as shown on the task bar accurately reflects the correct time and date. The problem is in Windows Explorer. The dates and times for file creation and file modification are off by around 30 days. When I check the .doc files that are accessed by Word, for example, Explorer will show a file that I modified today as having been modified on a date from next month. If I create a new file from within Word, it will also reflect a date that is not correct.  If, while I am looking at the files in Explorer, I create a new sub-folder, it also will indicate a creation date that is incorrect.

Thanks for your interest
waiting for your spyware scan kentcrane,
also when you say you are creating a new file within word this new template is simply an exact copy of the original with no changes modified.

try this open an old word check the properties to verify it was created then open it change the sentence add a word then save the changes it should reflect the modified date including the original date stays in tact.

for example to run a test I copied off a word from my database which I created a month ago copied it to my desktop when checking the date etc it shows the date I created it and the current date now as I just copied it and moved it to my desktop.
when I open it and go to file NEW it opens a new exact copy of the original and when I save that it also has exact same properties as the original.
When you create a new sub-folder it only reflects the original date created and when if required modified. But you have not modified this document.

Are you accessing a document from a LAN or on a Domain?

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kentcrane  ..  if you would still like us to advise you on your HijackThis log (as requested earlier by Merete) perhaps this will help.

Create a folder where you would like the HijackThis file to reside, and run it from there, not from the Desktop or a temp folder. It is important that you download this file to its own folder as this folder will be used when HijackThis makes backups. Temp folders get deleted, taking with them HJT's 'backups' of items that were 'fixed'.

Run Hijackthis scan, save the log file, then copy and paste the logfile to the site below and select 'analyze'.  
here>> http://www.hijackthis.de/ 

Wait a minute or so for the analysis, then scroll to bottom of page and you'll see "save analysis".  Click it, and the address we are after is in your top Address bar.  It's something like www.hijackthis.de/logfiles .. followed by lengthy alphanumerics.   As Merete says it only takes about 5 minutes.  Thanks.


Thanks for the help, guys.  I found and fixed the problem.

what was the problem lol but good that you solved it. Any chance of a feedback on what the problem was ;)

Glad you've fixed it.   An update would be useful, both of interest, and hopefully of use to others with similar problems.   Thanks.


The problem had nothing to do with Windows. I realized that I was working on a mapped drive to a network attached storage (NAS) devise and that it maintained its own date and time separate from Windows.  I went into its interface and corrected the settings.  I was looking so hard for a problem in Windows that I didn't see the obvious.

Thanks kentcrane, appreciate it.

cool :)
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