2003 SBS Server with bad blcoks

This server has a pair of IDE drives which I had set up as a mirrored pair. These are the only disks in the system. When I logged into the server yesterday, there was a message on the screen saying that a disk which is part of a fault tolerant set could no longer be accessed.

I looked in Disk Management and saw that the mirror no longer existed. One disk is sat there as a completely empty partition, and the other is now acting as the sole system disk and has errors on it. The Event Log contains messages saying that there are bad blocks on this drive.

I haven't done an ASR backup. What are my options for getting the operating system onto another drive?
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Murat RaymondCIOCommented:
the system is still up

If so do the ASR backup while it is up and update your E-disk.

If it was mirrored why don't you just replace the bad Disk, the system would aumatically built the new disk for you.

ipendleburyAuthor Commented:
The mirror has vanished altogether. The system won't let me create another because of the bad blocks.

I should have mentioned that I can't do an ASR backup either. When I attempt one, it reports: "The files for the recovery diskette could not be created". I looked this up and the error seems to be related to having NT4 disk sets on a server. This is not the case.
Murat RaymondCIOCommented:
I would use Ghost to clone the Disk before I try anything else.
This way you could always recover if something happen.

Then do a shadow copy backup. Even it is not ASR but You could reinstall the system and restore your backup in the event that things really go wrong.

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ipendleburyAuthor Commented:
If I use Ghost to clone the disk, would this disk be bootable?
Murat RaymondCIOCommented:
Of course
ipendleburyAuthor Commented:
So that would appear to be the solution then. Use Norton Ghost to clone the disk, then throw away the one with bad blcoks on it.

Thanks for your help.

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