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DVD performance reduction when projected from laptop

I have an Acer Travelmate C300.  It has a DVD drive.  It plays DVD well in Windows Media player.  However, whenever it is projected from the laptop onto a screen it takes a huge performance hit.  The voices don't match the people talking and sometimes it hesitates. I've tried closing all unnecessary programs and services. It did not help. I'm wondering why when it is projected that it has the performance problem.  A similar Travelmate C310 does not have this problem.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Couple things I would look into..

Video Driver Update/Re-install. <--- Would try this 1st.
Test it with another DVD player software (If possible eg.. PowerDVD)
Windows Updates. Do you have the lastest Updates/Service Packs

Check Video Codec. Media Player in my opinion is a CPU hog and if you can test it with another DVD player software I'd do that.
Check if the resolutions are the same.  A higher resolution is more demanding on the cpu.
tudorjlAuthor Commented:
I've tried playing the video in both Media Player and PowerDVD.  It actually chopped less in Media Player, but it still has a lag.
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Try switching the screen in windows diaplay settings dialog or via Fn-Key so that the picture goes only to the beamer and not to the LCD screen too.
This may reduce screen scaling for both the beamer and the LCD if these two might run at different resolutions.
If that's not possible, try setting beamer and LCD resolution the same.
tudorjlAuthor Commented:
What do you mean by "beamer"?  The DVD plays ok on the LCD, it is just when it is projected that it has the lag problem.

The suggestion is to change the output to external VGA only, to see if there is lag in that case.  Do you have them set to different resolutions?
Wooky JackCommented:
Right click my computer/go to advanced / click "Settings" in under Performance / and click "Adjust for Best Performance" then click ok and then try playing the dvd.
tudorjlAuthor Commented:
Just an update for everyone.  I fixed the problem.  I changed the resolution to a lower setting.  It seemed to fix the problem. Thanks all.
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