Satellite M45-S265 with scratchy sound

Alright I have a Toshiba Satellite M45-S265 with scratchy sound coming from the speakers when the music (MP3, etc..) is being played. I looked online and saw that I have a Analog Debives AD1981B Sound Card installed with 16-bit stero built-in speakers and was wondering if this is why I am getting this scratchness (if thats a word) coming from the speakers - POOR SOUND CARD / SPEAKERS????

Any ideas
Joshua DumasAsked:
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
This could be a symptom of the hard drive having reverted to PIO transfers.  A simple (and harmless) test is to do this registry modification:

Open RegEdit  (Start - Run - RegEdit).

Find the following keys:




etc.  (0003, 0004, etc.) => how many you have depends on your configuration

In each key DELETE the "MasterIDDataChecksum" and "SlaveIDDataChecksum"
(Just highlight them, right-click, and choose Delete).   You won't have these entries in every key -- just delete them where they occur.

Now reboot the computer and see if that did the trick.

If that's not the issue, then you could have an issue with your drivers, your sound card, or you may simply have very poor quality speakers.  

The first thing I'd try is to delete the sound card from Device Manager, reboot, and let it reinstall.   If that doesn't do the trick, right-click on the driver (in Device Manager), select "Update Driver", and let Windows search the web for a better driver.   If it finds one that may help.

Another thing to try is to plug in some external speakers -- this will let you know if the issue is not the sound card but the speakers  (you could use headphones for this test as well).

Finally, if you don't mind having a small external box and external speakers, you could simply replace the sound card with a high quality external sound solution.   This is excellent and reasonably priced:
You could get a copy of knoppix and boot with it. Knoppix, if it recognises the sound card, will boot up with a voice saying "Initiating startup sequence". If that sounds OK it is a software problem you are having, and if it also "scratches" it is hardware and you'd probably have to try it with external speakers or another soundcard. There are some pccard soundcards which should do fine (same link more or less like gary mentions).
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