2003 Server Domain Issue Maybe

I hope this is a simple thing.. I am working with a 2003 Server and the domain is abc.com  The company internet site is also abc.com  This website is hosted offsite and is not anywhere near us.  When users in the office try to go to the website, they are redirected to the IIS page on the 2003 server.  How do I fix this?

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Kini pradeepDevelopment ManagerCommented:
you would need to create a CNAME in the internal DNS,
Example:ww2.abc.com and it should point to external Ip address.

in the Windows 2003 DNS console...

Create a new A record called WWW in the abc.com forward lookup zone.  Give this the public IP address of the www server on the internet

www =  (or whatever the actual public IP address on the internet it is)

Right click your reverse lookup zones and create a new zone called:  65.8.215.in-addr.arpa

Then create a new PTR record

5 = www.abc.com

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sounds like your Internal Windows 2003 domain name is the same name as your external registered internet domain name?  Is this true?  Microsoft would recommend that these names be different.  If they are the same, you will have problems resolving your external name space from inside your company.

This is why, Microsoft now suggests a name like, company.local  In this way, you will definatly have a different internal Windows 2003 domain name compared to your external registered internet domain name (and yes, you can still receive e-mail on your Exchange server...)

In your case, because your internal domain name is the same as your registered internet domain name, you will have to create manual records in your internal DNS name space for any registrations on the internet for your domain.  This isn't the worst problem to have...especially if you only have a few public servers...

wtrdogAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much.  I just took over this server as well as the new one. The consultant left and while I understand what you are saying, I dont always have the time to research the right answer.  That is why I appreciate people like you helping so much.  We have no good resources in this area for knowledge or expertise.  

The new server is setup pretty much the same way but it has not been implemented yet.  Would you recommend changing the domain to abc.local before I move it to production?  This sounds silly.. but is abc.local still considered the login domain?  
better to use abc.local... rename if you can.  Because the clients only see the netbios version the domain name during login, they will continue to see ABC.  (regardless of abc.local or abc.com for the fully qualified domain name)
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