Terminal Server as an App Server for Multiple Companies

I want to be able to host multiple applications for different companies using Terminal Services. For instance, I have a Property Management Company that has 5 users that want to access Quickbooks Pro (not online version). So I will host the server at my datacenter and give the users log on scripts where it only allows them on to Quickbooks. Then say another company has a certain application that they want to access, I will give them only permissions and log on scripts to that application. Is this normal or not recommended? The reason I would do this is because I would be hosting and they would be "renting" space on my server.
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Hi LeviDaily,

cant see a problem with this setup myself, as long as your scripts are providing the security you need then that is perfectly ok as far as i can tell. With terminal services its basically no different than having a local session and i take it you would be applying the same rules in that scenario

The only problem I see is security.  Your Terminal Server will need to be locked down tight.  You risk by allowing different companies access to each others data.  

If I was running an ASP I would use something like Softricity or Citrix to separate the users.
Citrix would allow you to run published applications not allowing them access to the desktop and all of its holes.

Softricity would allow you to keep the applications completly separate from company to company on the same Citrix Server.
LeviDailyAuthor Commented:
What if I just deny rights through NTFS as to who has access to what? Would that work?
it would - denying is pretty powrfull - make sure its exactly what you want to do, but yes, if i were doing what you want to do i would be relying heavily on NTFS permissions
NTFS permissions would work.  Make sure you configure the appication to write its cache/temp information a user account location. Hopefully the application will use the OS's temp directory structure but you need to check this in the application settings.
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