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The OleDbCommand is currently busy Open, Fetching -- CommandText

In the code below, I get the error:

   "The OleDbCommand is currently busy Open, Fetching."

On the following line on the second time through:

   cmdReader2.CommandText = strSQL

How do I correct this?

While dreader1.Read()
   If Not dreader1.IsDBNull(2) Then
      If dreader1.GetString(2) = "F" OrElse IsNumeric(dreader1.GetString(2)) Then
         strSQL = "SELECT Field1 FROM Table1 WHERE Field2 = " & dreader1.GetInt32(0).ToString & " AND Field3 = 0"
         cmdReader2.CommandType = CommandType.Text
         cmdReader2.CommandTimeout = 0
         cmdReader2.CommandText = strSQL
         dreader2 = cmdReader2.ExecuteReader()
         While dreader2.Read
              dtDate = dreader2.GetDateTime(0)
         End While
         strSQL = "UPDATE Table1 SET Field4 = #" & dtDate & "# WHERE Field2 = " & dreader1.GetInt32(0).ToString
         cmdExecute.CommandType = CommandType.Text
         cmdExecute.CommandTimeout = 0
         cmdExecute.CommandText = strSQL
      End If
   End If
End While

<code removed per request http:Q_21903646.html>

1 Solution
dreader2.close after end while ???
GivenRandyAuthor Commented:
LMAO. Of course. That's why I needed a second set of eyes. Thanks!
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