When Installed OS is on the C: drive where files are stored is this a problem?

The operating system is not in a separate partiion when I look under computer management and disk management.  It's on the c drive where all the files will be stored also.  Is this a problem?  I need to know before I go any farther so I can re-install if necessary?
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Hi a182612,

If you have your Data and System partition the same, it would not pose any functional difficulties, the OS would still run fine, there would be negligiable difference in I/O.

My prefrence however, is if I have only one physical drive avaialble, would be to put the Data and OS (System) on different partitions. This keeps things seperate, for example you never run the risk of a user dumping a huge amount of data on, and using up all your C: (System partition) space. Its also useful in a disaster, where sometimes your System partition can get corrupt, you might have to restore the partition from Backup, or do a reformat on it, in which case your Data is still on a different partition and remains untouched. Same thing for maintainence tasks, such as backing up, if you had them on different partitions, you can bifercate the two partitions for backups, makes it a little easier.

What would be ideal, is if you had the System partition on a different drive and the Data partition on a different drive. Being on different drive controllers, you would definitely see an improvement in I/O times and performance, and same reasons I stated above would apply..

Thanks and Good Luck!

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a182612Author Commented:
Your right.  I need to re-install this before I get to much further so I can make sure I can keep them separate.  Thanks.
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