Trouble mapping a drive over a VPN

I am trying to get a Laptop that connects via VPN to our server (windows 2000) to be able to connect to the shared folder on said server.  

things that i know that might help..

- I can remote desktop to the server.
- I can ping the server and any computer on the network.

When try to use windows to map the drive, it apparently can see the drive because i get prompted for a login/pw.  When I log in with the correct name/pw, it just keeps popping up new login prompts.  almost like it is the wrong password or username but i am sure they are correct.  i have tried "localmachinename/username" and password and the same thing happens.  have also tried "" with the same results.  

Any help is appreciated.

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
It is possible it may not be able to resolve the name. This is common with VPN's. Try first connecting by IP address. In a browser window or at a DOS prompt enter
\\<IPAddress\Share     such as       \\\Sharename
If that should work, we can 'fix' name resolution.

Also if the computer is a member of a domain and the computer from which you are connecting is not you may need to add the domain name. To do so in the logon box use       DomainName\DomainUserName

Final option, I can think of, sometimes if the MTU (Maximum Transmissions Size) is sett too high you Will be able to connect to a share but not open it. If this is the case usually it would accept the password but go no further. If you would like to 'tweak' that, have a look at the following articles explaining the problem and how to adjust the MTU size. You should also adjust the router to the same at the client site.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks m_farris,
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