the cidaemon process consumes alot of cpu and ram on windows server 2003

I am running a windows 2003 server and cidaemon.exe is taking 100% processor usage.
I'm used to storage something website thus I needed it.
it started two weeks ago.
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9469 » Your Windows XP performs slowly and CPU usage is high, the pagefile may have grown, and Cidaemon.exe is consuming lots of CPU and pagefile space? 17-Jun-05

If your Windows XP installation runs slowly, check Task Manager for a high CPU utilization, growing page pagefile, and the Cidaemon.exe process consuming lots of resources.
This behavior may occur when you have configured the Indexing Service to run on your computer. When running, the Indexing Service uses Cidaemon.exe to update the index catalog.

You can use the GUI to turn of the Indexing Service:

1. Double-click My Computer.

2. Hold down the CTRL key while you press E to invoke Search pane.

3. If Change Preferences is available, press it and select Without Indexing Service. If a link to Indexing Service is displayed, press it.

4. Select No, do not enable Indexing Service.

5. Press OK.

To use a batch file to turn off the Indexing Service:

Run TurnOffIndexing.bat, which contains:

@echo off
for /f "Tokens=*" %%a in ('sc query cisvc^|Find "STATE"^|FIND "RUNNING"') do (
 @echo sc stop cisvc
 sc stop cisvc
@echo sc config cisvc start= demand
sc config cisvc start= demand

gleroyAuthor Commented:
We do not want to stop the service as multiple web sites use it, but we are looking to find why it slows down our server that much for few weeks.

The server is a Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP1 Quadri-Xeon @2.8Ghz with 2 Go ram and cidaemaon takes near 30% CPU and dramatically decrease IIS performances (10 times slower to execute a simple php or asp page).

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gleroyAuthor Commented:
Finally found using performance logs that "system" indexing was taking all cpu, stopped it and all other indexation folders went well again..

thank you
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Windows Server 2003

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