How load icon image into cell in MSFlexGrid1?

Is it possible to load an icon picture (notes.ico) into a particular row's cell in the MSFlexGrid1 control?

I have a VB 6 application that has a form with an MSFlexGrid1 control on it. I load records into the MSFlexGrid1 and some of the records have notes associated with them.  For those records that have associated notes, I would like to show a notes icon in the first cell.

Thanks for the help.
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i personally gave up on the flex grid along time ago...
That is one of the reasons.. its severely limited.

Use a LISTVIEW control.  If you set its "VIEW" property to "REPORT", and setup soem columns.. THen you can set the icon property of every item in the list view.. Also, your column's are sizeable and sortable..

Its a much easier way to do a grid of data, i find, than to use a flex grid.

- andrew
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