I have a CFMAIL process that is working fine.

I can pass data from SQL Server and send to our Executive Management the Sales information they need.


They want to see the data in a bar chart.

I have a page that returns the data fine in a regular page...
But when I try and pass it through CFMAIL...there are no errors...but no chart either.

I'm sending the page in HTML format.

Can this be done?

Larry Bristersr. DeveloperAsked:
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You need to either embed the image in the message or have it an <image src=""> in the message
Larry Bristersr. DeveloperAuthor Commented:
  That chart is dynamic and looking at live data.

So the page that has the chart is http://mnydomain/chart.cfm
But the chart is actually generating into something.  Or if not you can force it to do so with the output attribute.  Then that is what you send in the email - otherwise the best you can do is link to the page.

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Larry Bristersr. DeveloperAuthor Commented:
  I plan on awarding you the points momentarily.  The chart is returned to the page with the code below.

Are you saying I can change the output some way?

    xAxisTitle="My Company Sales By QTR"
      <cfchartseries type="bar"
      seriesLabel="This Year" seriescolor="336699">
                                                 <cfchartData item="QTR1" value="#sby.QTR1#">      
                                                  <cfchartData item="QTR2" value="#sby.QTR2#">
                                                  <cfchartData item="QTR3" value="#sby.QTR3#">            
                                                     <cfchartData item="QTR4" value="#sby.QTR4#">
Larry Bristersr. DeveloperAuthor Commented:
  Looks like even when I make those changes and have the output as a jpg format I get the red x image blank page.

Whether I run it on the cfmail page or include it.

Thanks for trying...looks like the effort may not be worth the return.  CEO will just have to learn to live with his disappointment. :-)

Points being awarded now.

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