Wireless modem and peer to peer networks

I am not an network expert, but i am considering setting up a shared folder between two computers.   They use a wireless modem to distribute internet.    Can this also be used to share a folder on the harddrive?   Anything special i need to do, and how practical is this?

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I assume the following:
You have a wireless router with 2 or more computers connected to the router via wireless card.

Given this:  yes, you can share a folder.
Share the folder on PC#1
On PC#2, go to start > run and enter "\\A.B.C.D\share_name" (no quotes)

A.B.C.D would be the IP address of the PC #1.  You can determine the IP address of PC #1 by going to start > run > cmd.  Then in the dos shell, enter ipconfig

share_name would be the share of the shared folder on PC #1

Now if you have a wireless modem (i.e. net service from a wireless company) on each computer, then you have to set up that peer to peer like you were mentioning. You could just have a switch and have each computer wired into it OR use a crossover cable to connect the two machines together. The way the shares work is the same as normal... just make sure that file sharing is only bound to the connection involving the other computer NOT your wireless modem.
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