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Alrighty, I have a client that wants to access his pc at his office from home; no problem, done it before.
Here is what I did:
I went to regedit and made a change in the port under
local machine\sytem\currentcontrolset\control\terminalserver\winstations\rdptcp.
Right clicked on My computer went to remote and allowed remote access
Went to control panel and setup an exception in the firewall with that port number
Went to the router and setup forwarding to the ip/port number
Went to the clients house and setup the remote desktop icon on the desktop with the correct ip address and port number like I have done before.
Clicked on the icon and it tells me I can not connect.
I connected to another, different pc in his office that is setup for the same thing with a different port number and I can get into that pc.
I went back to his office and was able to remote to the server using his remote desktop.

Why can I not get to his pc from his home, when I can access other pcs that are setup the same way with differnet port numbers. I even changed the port number thinking that maybe something was screwy with that port numer, still  no dice.

Any Ideas?? Please help!!!
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justingrantivAuthor Commented:
The pc at home is XP Home with SP2
The pc at the office is XP Pro with SP2
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Any typo's in the access lists you have placed in the router of firewall for this new address/port number?
What port number have you used? If you do a netstat -a on the office PC, can you see the port listening?
Can you swap two configs around so that a working ip/port is moved to the non-working PC and vice versa? Does the fault follow the ip/port or stay with the same PC?

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since it is HIS pc, you shouldn't have to change the port on it; just on the client at his house.
change the port on the desktop at his house.  configure the router to redirect 8999(lets say this is the client) to HIS INTERNAL IP->3389
now from his house run etherreal and watch the packets... you'll probably see where it goes nutty

did you put  a hole in the xp firewall too?  how about xp firewall application level blocking?
justingrantivAuthor Commented:
The ip was changing due to the linksys wireless router, therefore we are going to move the dhcp from the linksys to the server. Thanks for your help.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Thank you :)
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