What's the best KVM USB switch I can buy?

I bought a brand new Belkin KVM switch today, that has the cables built-in. After ignoring the reviews from other people who have bought this that it had problems, I experienced the exact same problems (switching computers at random, not working with SBS 2003 altogether etc...)!

Can anyone recommend a decent switch I could try? It has to support USB in and out and control up to 2 computers.

Thanks in advance.
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I use DLink KVMs and think they are reliable: http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=363&sec=0
You should have try Aten (http://www.aten.com/) they are manufacturer who specialist only in manufacturing KVM switch only or Level One (http://www.level1.com/) Btw, how many ports KVM switch you will be needing and which model of Belkin KVM switch you're using.

ATEN KVM Switch - http://www.aten.com/products/product_subClass.php?pcid=20050103163647001

LevelOne - http://global.level1.com/products.php

We been using this two brand for year without problem, no problem faced as such switching computers at random.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
You indicated you only need to switch two computers, so I'd suggest this (I have a 4-port version):

The 4-port version of this works flawlessly, and I'm sure this will too.  The key to reliable KVM switching is to NOT use a self-powered unit that depends on the PC's power -- if the PC goes into a power saving state you can lose the ability to switch, or the switch may go to the other PC, etc.  This unit has its own power adapter, so is not dependent on the PCs at all.   In addition, it's very nice to have pushbuttons to select the PC just in case the hot keys, for whatever reason (PC on standby, etc.) should stop working.   I've had both Linksys and NetGear KVM's, and while they were MOSTLY reliable, there were always situations -- particularly with older PC's -- where they just wouldn't switch (especially with DOS-based programs).   I've NEVER had a problem with the IOGear (I've had situations where the hot keys wouldn't work with a particular PC, but a simple push of the selector button worked flawlessly => and I've NEVER had it switch to another PC).

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DReade83Author Commented:
Thanks for your replies people. I'll have a look around. :)
DReade83Author Commented:
In all honesty I think I'll scrap the idea of getting a KVM. I've been using Remote Desktop everyday since installing the server, which so far seems to be the best solution that doesn't involve extra cost.

Thanks anyway. :)
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
You're welcome.   ... and I'd agree that if Remote Desktop is working, there's no compelling reason to switch to a KVM.
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