Cisco 1721 Config fastethernet

OK, I am new to the Cisco world not to mention the CLI. What I need is the command sequence to set the fastethernet IP and subnet.

I don't even know how to get into config mode so go through it step by step.. I know it can't be that hard.

Background info:

I was working in the web interface and removed the IP's from both NIC's and now I can't get in. However, I am able to log on to the CLI. If I can get the fastethernet nic to have an IP, I'll be able to get into a familiar interface again.
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Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:
telnet into the router

type in the following:

enable         ---->enter priviledge mode
conf t          ----->enter configuration terminal
interface fastethernet 0            ----->select the interface
ip address  ---------->set the ip address and subnet using real values here
no shutdown  --------->enable changes

This should get you going



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Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:
BTW each line above is followed by the enter key so you would type in enable <enter> , conf t <enter>, etc...


Here are the commands (abbreviations that work and full commands)

From the router prompt enter

en (enable)

(enter Password)

conf t (configure terminal)

int f0/0  (interface Fastethernet 0/0 or whatever port you're configuring)
 description (optional, but nice)
 ip address  (for a class C address)
 no shutdown

<Cntl Z>

That's all you need for the interface. Now if your configuring routing (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF) there's more to it.


When you don't know what to type, or how, type ?

If you know the beginning of the command, type the first letter or two and then ? to get a list of commands that begin with those letters.  When you've typed enough to be unique, you can hit the tab to have the command auto completed.
wanabegatesAuthor Commented:
OK, I'm in! Thank you all for the great input. I know I have a ways to go in learing this router. I'll be setting up a VPN next to authenticate agains a  RADIUS server (win2k3) but that is another question!
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