BIOS error after installing ISA modem : 1882 pci/pnp error : not enough I/O space available

ISA modem : US Robotics 33.6 56K FAX INT PnP  (Sportster 33600 Fax v4.3.174)

i get a BIOS alert when i try to boot up (two beeps and then the error shows).  it is the same error reported here (but this other problem was a sound card)   there is no resolution on that problem.

the error is : 1882 pci/pnp error : not enough I/O space available.

i checked the device and I/O settings... and i am not seeing where the ISA slot IRQ configuration is at.  i went ahead and changed the parallel port to no IRQ hoping that it would free up an IRQ for the ISA, but upon reboot i'm getting the same error.  it also seems that there are plenty of free IRQ's

my options in the Devices and I/O Ports screen are:
mouse - installed
diskette A - 1.44mb 3.5
diskette B -not installed
serial port setup : serial port a address 3f8h and IRQ 4
usb support - enabled.  usb keyboard/mouse support - autodetect (i'm not using usb keyboard or mouse)
parallel port - 378h.  mode - extended.  extended mode - ecp.  extended mode DMA - DMA 3.  IRQ - no IRQ (previously was set to 7)
video controller s3 incorporated trio3D.  video memory - 4096KB.  video aperature - 64MB.  primary display - PCI.  palette snooping - disabled.  video interrupt - enabled.
IDE drive setup : (gives details on the various IDE drives)
audio setup : audio support enabled.

there is also an area in BIOS for ISA Legacy Resources.  i tried going into the DMA Resources and set channel 5 to ISA Resource... did not resolve the problem.  also went into Interrupt Resources and set channel 5 to ISA Resource.  same error.

what do i need to do in BIOS to resolve the error?

by the way, if i bypass the error and boot up, the modem shows fine in Device Manager.  windows xp shows IRQ 3 assigned with I/O Range 02F8-02FF, and no conflicts.
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAsked:
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Try disabling COM1(IRQ 4) or COM2(IRQ 3) and see if the modem picks up and uses one of those. You could also figure out what slot the card is in, and in BIOS, force it to use one of those interrupts. Typically, when you see the slot number, you can change from PNP slot to an actual IRQ number. If you still have problems, try moving the card to another slot. This can be funny how the PNP picks up on availability.

Hope this helps
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAuthor Commented:
disabling IRQ 3 or 4 did not work

i only have 1 ISA slot, so i can't move the card

in BIOS, i can change some of the options to ISA Resource, but i dont see anything that identifies the slot
i am not sure what i should assign as ISA Resource.  under ISA Legacy Resources, i have tried setting several of the memory resources and i/o port resources to ISA Resource.  in the DMA resources, i just randomly chose channel 5 and set it to ISA Resource, and then under the interrupt resources, i randomly chose 5 and set it to ISA Resource.

does it matter which items i assign to ISA Resource?  i was just selecting ones that were available
It varies by the EXACT model number but USR ISA modems generally have jumpers to select the settings.
If you want to use plug and play then no jumpers are installed.
The usual jumper settings are shown here on pages 12 and 13.

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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAuthor Commented:
yes, that was the problem.  i didnt realize there were jumpers on the modem.
i set the jumpers to IRQ=4 and COM=SEL and the error at startup is gone.

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