How to force GP to change XP clients to the XP theme/appearance

I have roaming profiles set up and I can not seem to force the clients to get the Windows XP theme/appearance through GP by selecting the "load a specific visual style file or force Windows Classic" found in

User Configuration\Adminstrative Templates\Control Panel\Display\Desktop Themes

I do have "active desktop" - would that affect this change??

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Sorry for the delay....for colors etc., probably the best option would be to set up a computer the way that you would like. Then export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Appearance to a .reg file from regedit. Then use a logon script to apply the .reg file. Alternatively, you could make a custom ADM template for group policy using those registry settings.
What are you putting into the "Path to Visual Style" in the GP?
SHAXAuthor Commented:
Well I think my policy is working as it should - I believe I am getting the (2) settings confused - Pardon me for this, but I still need some help

There is a "theme" and there are "color schemes" -

When loading the "XP theme" > "%windir%\resources\Themes\Luna\Luna.msstyles" it looks to be working correctly BUT I also need the ability to change the "color scheme" or "appearance" to the "Windows XP style" through GP but I do not see a way to accomplish this -

On the local XP box it is under the Display Properties>Appearance tab -

I have my GP set to "remove display in Control Panel" so the "shift/run as" has to be executed on the Display icon in Control Panel in order to login w/ the administrative credentials to change the settings - Once I change those settings to the "XP style" the settings do take affect but once user signs off (using roaming profiles) and signs back on the "Classic scheme" overides the "XP style" - I am using the .dat profile versus the .man giving the users the ability to change settings -Not sure why this setting is not copied back to roaming profile even locally -
Any help would certainly be appreciated -
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