Restore removed Transaction Logs or Leave them out?

Hello Experts.

Our Exchange 2003 Server is on a 2003 Domain Controller.  A few weeks ago, one of our admins removed all the transaction logs from the Exchsrvr directory and enabled circular logging.  Fortunately he saved the logs on his local PC. It has been quite some time since these were removed from the server and the transaction logs are still piling up (when we turn off circular logging).  I just recently became aware  this and was wondering what kind of effect it has on the Exchange Server.  Can someone give me detaisl as to whether I should copy these log files back into the directory?  If I need to do so, is there a recommended course of action?

I also have a follow up question which I will post on a 2nd post.

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Just make a regular backup and the logfiles wil be gone.
No need to place them back.
The files are there in case of a crash so you can restore you information store and place the most recent changes back.

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The log files you have stored elsewhere are useless to you.
The logs are only flushed when a full Information Store backup is taken. They will continue to stack up otherwise.

Instead of enabling circular logging, if you are doing full Exchange backups then you need to look at why the backup is failing.

The idea of the transaction logs is that in the event of a database failure, you restore from the last backup, then replay the logs. The logs contain every transaction that has taken place since the database was last backed up. The act of a successful backup commits the logs and they are then flushed.


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OptimumAdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks Walter and Simon,

I don't think our backups are failing as we get an event 8009 - successful backup msg -in our viewer.  Furthermore, I have gone and restored from these backups to see if they'd restore at least the information store (in a specified directory).  It seems to be fine, although I can't tell for sure unless I restore it in a new exch server with a restored domain in a test environment.

We will be turning off Circular Logging when we figure out and alleviate why we there is so much activity in the server.

Are there no ill effects to the Exch Server's "inner workings" itself when manually removing the TL files?  Aside from losing the most current changes in the event of a Disaster Recovery scenario, I've always gotten the impression that it might affect the EDB and STM files badly.  Is this accurate?

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