How extract audio from TV cable signal and send it through a to male microphone connector

This is not really an IT question, but I'm sure you experts know about this stuff:

I need to extract the audio signal from a regular TV cable wall output, and convert it through some widget so the output can simulate a microphone regular male connector, so the sound can enter another equipment that expects a microphone.

Why do I want this? Because I have a simple translation set that comes with a microphone, transmitter and many receivers with headphones. I want to put the audio from the TV cable signal into my transmitter so everyone with the headphones can get it.

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Use an RF modulator to split the cable:

Use rca audio cables from the RF Modulator and connect them to the adapter for the microphone
I imagine you'll need something more like a y adapter to first convert the stereo to mono for the rca plugs, then use a female 1/8" to male 1/4" adapter, unless there is a y adapter-for rca stereo to mono 1/4".

The rf modulator that I linked to is just an example. You can get simpler ones cheaper. They're also available at local Radio Shacks or similar stores.
Simpliest way I can think of:

Things you will need:
 - Cheap VCR
 - Direct Injectin box with -40db attenuation and XLR inputs (many pro audio shops will have this)
 - coax cable to hook your VCR to the cable
 - RCA to XLR converter cable, to hook up the VCR to the Direct Injection box
 - XLR to 1/8in adaptor, to hook the output of the Direct Injection box to your translation device that expects a MIC input

1. Get your VCR, plug your cable into it.
2. Plug the RCA ouputs from the VCR into the XLR INPUT on the Direct Injection box, set -40db attenuation on the box. Use RCA to XLR adaptor cable.
3. Take the output from the Direct Injection box and plug it into the translation device, use the XLR to 1/8 inch adaptor cable.

Let us know how it goes!


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Sorry, although the rf modulator will split the signals from audio and video, it occurred to me after reading atomicfire's post, you'll need a tv tuner of sorts in order to receive the channel from the cable signal, in which case, a vcr would work, a TV with output, a cable box, or anything else that has tv tuner capability. So, the rf modulator wouldn't be necessary at all, nor would it work alone.
Me Thinks you will need a either a TV Tuner Card for the computer or A Video card with a TV tuner already built in with the proper input adapter.
To split the audio out you will still need some avenue of splitting the audio into multiple signals as you said you are going to use Multiple Headsets. This is usually done with some sort of amp. As each signal you split off to, degrades the overall output of all signals.
Im sure if you search some TV related stores they would be able to provide you with a much better option. As this sounds like you are really in no need of useing a computer to do this. But rather a set up that just allows you to split the audio off of a TV signal.
There are options availabe that route that are not available or are redundant when useing a computer to accomplish this task.
angelfeijooAuthor Commented:
I finally made it!

I got a VCR first. Then I went to Radio Shack and got a cable that goes from audio RCA to male audio output (for $ 5!). I inserted that cable instead of my microphone to my transmitter, and it worked!

I only have one more doubt: The VCR had one RCA output for audio, and my Radio Shack's cable came with two RCA inputs (Y shape), and I used only one. Does it mean that tha VCR has Mono audio output only? If so I'm not loosing quality by using only one of the two RCA's in the Y cable, right?
One audio RCA output means a mono VCR. The entire mono signal will go through the rca plug that you've attached, so there's no quality loss, there. If you used the y adapter on a stereo VCR, the signal would convert to mono, anyway, when it gets to the mic plug. The rest of the sound depends on the output of your transmitter.
angelfeijooAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the guidance!
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