Flash drive: how to stop explorer window opening?

I own eight flash drives.  With six of them the first time I plugged them in the
Action window popped up, I selected always "Take no action" and from then on when
I inserted the drives they were recognized and no window appeared.

With two of the drives (a 128 mB SanDisk mini cruzer, and a 1 gB PNY Attache) I always
get an explorer window when the drives are plugged in.  I would like them to behave
the way the others do, i.e. when I plug them in I don't want the explorer (or any
other) window to appear.

I have tried everything I can think of but I can't change the behavior of these two

I would very much appreciate any suggestions.

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If that fails use tweakui from m$ powertoys
plug in device open my computer and right click the  removable drive and select properties. Theres an autoplay tab to make changes
blzuberAuthor Commented:

The autoplay tab doesn't solve this problem, no matter how many times "Take no action" is selected for all file types inserting the drive still opens the explorer window.

The Tweak UI suggestion is the solution.  For those not intimately acquainted with the workings of Tweak UI here's the drill:

 In that program under My Computer: AutoPlay: Types: uncheck the option to enable autoplay for removable drives.

This is a little more global than I had hoped but it seems to work.  There is also an option to disable autoplay for individual drive letters.  I didn't try that option, becuase on occasion the flash drive is assigned a differnent letter.

Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful responses.
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