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Formatting a number in Reporting services.

i want to format a number "my way" in a MS RS Report.
The number is f.ex. (formatted by N2) gives me 123,400.50. Trying to change it to : 123.400,50
In other words: Change the decimal "point" from  "." to "," and the thousand seperator from "," to ".".

What can i do?
Tried "###.###.##0,00" with no sucess
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Hello KnutUrke,

as far as I know, numeric format is set by choosing a given "Language" property in the report properties.
If you want a number to be formatted to 123.400,50 do this :
1) in the textbox properties, choose Format = Custom and type this :   #,###.000
2) in the report properties, choose a language that has desired number format, for example "French (Belgium)"

This is the only way I know to get what you want...

If you type "#.###,000", it won't give anything, because :
- decimal point "." only determines the location of the decimal separator in the formatted value (so you can only determine where it appears, not which character is used for decimal separator)
- comma "," determines the location of thousand separators. Comma must be at the left of the decimal point in your formula.
Read more about Custom Numeric Format at :

Hope this helps
Thoughts ?
KnutUrkeAuthor Commented:
Thank you!. Choosing my language did it!. The " surrounding the number was of course not there, just for clarification. Once again, thanks for the solution! (Just for the record. I am a Norwegian, not French! he, he!)
You're Norwegian, but from now, you will work with french numbers !
Don't worry, nobody will notice the difference...   ;-))

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