Need datasheet for 125C159R2879 chip

I am trying to find datasheet for 125C159R2879 chip...

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Oh, oh, oh
That must be some kind of custom processor or the like.
It's not likely that you'll get a datasheet on it.
I think it's based on some Zilog desing, but this does not bring you any
inch nearer to its function which is of course based on its programming.
I'm sorry: repair is most likely not possible if you really have to rely on fixing
something in the close environment of this chip

So: Don't waste your time, throw the device away and buy a new one.
I never had much success finding out anything on custom chips, really.
Sometimes I figured out what device they were based on, but that's it, ususally.

More information needed.
Manufactuurer ? Photograph or scan the chip and put it online. Then we see the manufacturers logo.
Purpose (what device was it in ?)
That chip number you gave is wuite long. Are you sure you read the right part of all the numbers ?
What else is written there ?
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dimitryAuthor Commented:
Your answer makes sense but I still hope that it can be find... And I don't need to fix it - it is working, I just want to understand how... :)
The programming was custom made for a certain manifacturer. And it's their IP, so I doubt you'll
find any condensed information on that chip and it's programming. Try your luck measuring  around the chip to recognize it's function.
dimitryAuthor Commented:
This is what I want to do, but I need at least its datasheet to know which leg means what.. :)
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