How to disable Citrix Session from using the local internet browser when clicking on links within the citrix session.

I want to turn off use local internet explorer when using a citrix session for a particular user.  I wish that link to be opened
by the IE in Citrix.  Currenlty clicking on a link in a document causes the local device's IE to open the link.  This should be
set somewhere on the Citirx Server, but I can't find where.

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You can enable/disable this at the farm or server level using the Citrix Management Console.

Open the CMC, right-click on the farm or the server and select Properties, select the item "Metaframe Settings" - you'll see the section "Content Redirection from Server to Client".
is the document that contains this link being opened in Citrix or on the local machine?
pturner3Author Commented:
Hi, the document is usually a link inside Outlook (someone sends a http://something) via e-mail.  The system will be at a remote office and I just want the browsing to be done thru the Citrix IE.  If it was easy to setup a VPN then that would work too, using the locak browser.
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