Problem assigning an application to computers through group policy

I have installed Symantec Corporate Edition on a 2003 server and assigned it through group policy to all computers.  Every time the computers restart it installs the client on all computers.  I am relatively new to group policy but know that this is not correct.  Any ideas to which step I missed?
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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The package path MUST be a UNC name and the package must be on a share that has Authenticated User access.  The NTFS permissions on the folder also need Authenticated User access.  You are assigning this to the computer - so the computer account must have the correct access - Authenticated Users contains all computer accounts by default.

Hi dtf1169,
how exactly have you got the software assignment setup?

You're right, that's not normal.

Check the Event Logs on one of the PCs.  It seems like the installation is not finishing properly on the client.  It should only install once.

Please give us some further details on where the GPO is linked and how Symantec was installed.

dtf1169Author Commented:
In AD, went to Group Policy, expanded computer configuration, expanded Software Settings, rt clicked on software installation, chase new package, browsed to location of .msi, then chose to assign it.  I will have to get back on the event log.  Thanks

i know with trend there was an INI file that we had to modify to stop the install running every time....
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