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I have an employee that has about 8 GB of mails (many different pst's in the outlook folder).  I have to issue a different laptop for this employee and  was trying to transfer the mails.  The mail sizes look the same from one computer to another but then when I ido the mport,  all the mails are not coming through.  He uses XP Pro with Outlook 2000.  The outlook file size is 82,176 KB but the outlook.bak is about 2,048,665 KB.  When I do the import, only some of the mails are showing up.  All subfolders from Inbox are missing.  Plus, I even tried copying the entire outlook folder from old machine to new machine.  That didnt do the trick either.  Any suggestions?

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Greetings, Milpitas !

Outlook folders and emails are stored in PST file.  Outlook 2000 has a limit PST file size of 2 GB (exactly 1.97 GB).  So you need to break up the Outlook.bak to a couple of files of smaller size to be able for Outlook 2000 to see the emails.

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Do a little up front CYA first.  make CD or DVD copies of those PST files before you do anything.  (when you finish, you can give the CDs or DVDs to that user; stating that the archives were done as a precaution).  

Like War1 stated OL2K pst files has a 2GB limit.  So if you want to consolidate; you may want to consider OL2K3.

OL2K3 has a 20GB limit and can handle the 8GB total.

Otherwise, if you are staying with OL2K, it may be worthwhile getting this person's secretary to determine what is needed immediately and what can be archived into about 4 separate archive PST files.  (You'll end up with 2 sets of backups if this happens. But if I read this correctly, can I assume that is user is an executive?  If he is, just chalk it up to the equivalent of you buying real good no-fault insurance)

If you think there is an issue of corruption with some of the PSTs; do a SCANPST after you do the CYA and before you do the consolidation.

Just want to add a little here!  If you decide to go down the route of upgrading to 2K3, then you will find that Outlook becomes more and more unstable once you go over the 2GB size.  You may want to consider getting your user to Archive some of these emails, therefore, splitting the PST files into smaller chunks!!!


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Thanks, war1
MilpitasAuthor Commented:
Hello War 1:

I apologise for not responding.  My entire network crashed and I have been busy with that.  I have not worked on that employees machine yet.  I will most probably be done with my workload by this Friday and fix it  after that.  I will sure respond once I am done.  Thanks for asking.

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