Burn DVD to Fit TV Screen (aspect ratio)


I'm having a problem burning DVD's. When I burn them, they play back fine on my computer and I can see the entire image. But when I play the DVD on my TV it is cropped. Changing my DVD players aspect ratio doesn't fix this.

I was wondering if there was a way to encode the VOB or avi, mpeg, etc. files with a black border in it.

To get an idea of what I mean please see these images:



If you could tell me a piece of software that could do this, that would be great!

Thank you!
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YoungBonziAuthor Commented:
The proper term for what I'm trying to make is a letterbox dvd.
What kind of dvd's are these? I mean are they pal you are trying to play on a NTSC tv or what never had this problem.
YoungBonziAuthor Commented:
Not sure, they're Japanese drama's with hardcoded subtitles.

They all have a resolution of 512x384 in avi format. Not sure why, but when make DVDs with them, there is cropping on all four sides. It's almost as if I could zoom out a bit, then I would see the whole picture.

But I remember I used to have a program that let me resample video files and add effects to them. For example, making it black & white, or adding noise and grain, or what I used it for, adding the black letterbox stripes.

I just can't remember the name of the program.
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If there Japenesse then they are NTSC format....Nero is a pretty easy program to use for reencoding to dvd.

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YoungBonziAuthor Commented:
Thanks nep1. I figured those were it, but it seems I don't have the required encoders. =?

Anyway, I found an alternative way to do it. I do have the option to encode in picturebox (16:9) format instead of letterbox. A bit more TV space is wasted, but I can see the entire picture & subtitles now.

But yeah, thank for confirming those programs. Could you look at this screenshot and advise me on where to find the proper codec or what codec the codec is even called?


If not that's cool...I'll keep doing picturebox until I learn how to use the apps.
YoungBonziAuthor Commented:
Hey, great... TMPGEnc can do it!

For anyone else who wants to do this, just go to Stream Type Settings > Advanced > Video arrange method > Full Screen (Keep aspect ratio)


Great, thanks, Happy I was able to help in some way.

If you have Codec Problems, you can use a Codec Checker Utility that will identify which codec you need and to check if the Codec is already installed.

I used to use GSpot, but I've had no need for this utility since installing VLC-Player, this plays all my video files without a problem. To Use Gspot, just run the program, click on where it says PATH and browse for your movie file. If Stats tell you the codec is'nt installed, but at least tells you which codec is needed, then Google-Search <Codec Name> + Download. eg, search for "XVID codec download">>>


Hope this helps!
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