Moving one terabyte oracle database

Hi ,

We have a large 1 terabyte database on Unix.
I have to move it toa different unix server , what are my options .

We have hot backups runnning and export of different tables.

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johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
Oracle version?

OS and version of both machines?

Here are some options.

Assuming same OS and Oracle versions on both sides, one option is a standby database.  You can restore your hot backup on the new machine, and create a standby control file on the current primary machine.  You will then need every archive file created since the backup and have to apply them to the standby.  Considering this should be a temporary situation, this apply can be manual (although it is not too difficult to set it up for automatic but if I remember correctly requires a shutdown on the primary which may not be an option).  You can keep applying archives until the time to switch, they you shut down the primary, apply the last of the archives (including the online redo log) and activate the standby.

Another option which will work just as well, is to not create the standby.  Just restore the hot backup and every day apply archives using RECOVER DATABASE UNTIL CANCEL.  Then when the switch happens, apply the remaining archives and online redo with RECOVER DATABASE and then the database will be up to date and you can open it.

I have used both of these methods very successfully moving databases.  The standby gives you a means to open it (read only of course) and check things, but in these type of temporary situations, it is usually not necessary.

Both of these methods minimize down time for the actual switch over.
gyansAuthor Commented:
Thank you, that was my approach any way ,I was looking for an alternative way ,because to restore from hot backups it might take a day or so , the copying over of datafiles is in two different data centers in different locations .

I was looking to minimize our worktime also .

johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
The only other alternative that I can come up with, which is usually not very feasable, is to use external storage, or move the actual array around.

You can use some sort of external storage, do the backup to that and then ship the external storage.

If this can be done by mirroring, it is very fast, but that is usually not possible outside the original array.

You would end up buying a terabyte of external storage just so you don't have to ship tapes around.  That usually does not fly with upper management.

 first create all the bdump acdump and necessary directories ,create the init file....

ddi u have cold backups....if so do a cold backup restore...and start the db...

or put all the hot backup filea with archive logs...and up the db...


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