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Just a quick question

I have SAV Corp vers running.

I have got version, which is an updated version.

How do I update to this version.

Do I just update the Primary server and it will push them through or what.

I dont really want to be uninstalling SSC and going through all that again.
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First you need to install this on the server. Depending on your SAV Corporate Edition License, it will give you an option ti Upgrade/Update or Install. If you have an option to update/upgrade choose it otherwise choose install (If choosing install, make sure it's installing into the same locaiton). After server installation is done proceed to the next step for client installation:

You need to open Symantec System Center (if it's installed) and then go to menu Action | NT Install and reinstall the client software.

If you Server's SAV shows as locked, you need to unlock it first. the default password is 'symantec' (without quotation mark). If you do not have the default password you deffinitely need to reinstall the sav.

Alternatively, you can grab a copy of the client version of SAV and on each client reinstall it but make sure to choose "Managed" and add the SAV Server name. This will udpate the client.

Hi alanheaton,
Symantec has a great set of instructions for rolling this out using a GPO:

Go to this page:

Select link "9.10"

Good Luck
alanheatonAuthor Commented:
I think you have misunderstood me.

I have SSC running on my server and used rollout to feed all the clients.

All i want is to update the version of AV running.

The current version I have is which was the first release.

I have now got the latest release which is

I just want to update the server and clients AV installation.

Do I have to do a complete re-install or can I just update the primary server and that will push through to the clients?
alanheatonAuthor Commented:
Thanx sorted.

I just followed your instructions. Inserted the updated disk and clicked Install AV and then update.

Then just pushed the update out to the clients.

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