VNC to FC3/4 onto console

Heya All.

How can I configure VNC on a FC/RH server in such a way that a client PC can VNC to server and view the console display (.ie. if I want to see what soemone else is doing on the server locally?

Hope above makes sense.



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As you've discovered, the console desktop is nominally display:0. Normally you cannot access this using a vnc client. However, there are solutions:

You can make sure that the normal login is in fact to a vnc server: - messy, and I don't like it.

There used to be something called xb0rfserver or solthing similar, but it now appears that the modern equivalent is x for vnc:


> .ie. if I want to see what soemone else is doing on the server locally
you mean doing on the remote tty console, or connected to the reomte mashine with X?

If you mean X, then simply use
  xwd -display x:x -root

man xwd xpr xgrabsc
I never got xf4vnc working...

On recent X implementations you can export the X desktop...

I can't find it now, but you loaded a module and did some magic to your X configuration file --
I got it working but the performance was abysmal.

These seems to be a new solution I haven't looked at yet:

One of the problems I saw with the X configuration file implementation (and I think kde desktop
sharing used it) was it only worked after someone logged didn't get the splash screen
exported from vnc...if you want to see if someone is logged in, just do ps... ;-)

I may look at this program this weekend -- I've wanted a good way to export my console for a long
time (I run a vnc session at startup, and when I want to run X on th elocal machine, I run vncviewer inside X...this is so I can get to the session from various laptops around the house).

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> .. you didn't get the splash screen ..
you need to have xdm run with VNC enabled also, for obvious reason :)
Guess what! - in the rpm package (vnc-server) shipped with RHEL4 (and I guess also part of the FC3 disto), there is a binary called /usr/bin/x0vncserverwhich enables you to connect to the console in exactly the same way as you would for a vnc server on a windows platform.

Worksv much like mentioed in x11vnc above.

Bit more research...:

vnc 4 is the package that includes x0vncserver. Available from

The man entry is a little sparse :

x0vncserver -h

gives more details.

Once logged in to the console:

x0vncserver -display=1 PasswordFile=~/.vnc/passwd

makes the console appear as vnc server on display :1


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arakisAuthor Commented:
Thankyou all for your help.

Have accepted pjedmond response as answer as gives me exactly what I was after!

Thanks again,

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