Enabling USB2.0 for an Archos ArcDisk20 on a Toshiba Portege 3110CT with Windows 98

I am looking for a way to connect an Archos ArcDisk20 (mb) USB2.0 hard drive to my Toshiba Portege 3110Ct with Windows 98.  The Archos uses an Hitachi_DK14FA-20 drive unit.

I ran the USB driver update WUCP from Windows 98 SP1 and I downloaded a driver from the Archos website for the hard drive.

The laptop recognises the Archos drive as drive D:(which I plug-in prior to startup) and the directory of the drive appears, but I cannot read or write from the Archos.  When I click to access a test file on the Archos I get a blue-screen error 'Disk Write Error Unable to write to disk in drive D, data or files may be lost. Press any key to continue'.  I wondering if the Portege USB port's power output is insufficient to power the Archos, or is there another problem?

When I power up with a 'generic' USB pen in the port, it isn't recognised at all.
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>>   I downloaded a driver from the Archos website    << was it an win98 driver?
In windows 98, your drive must be formatted FAT32, if it is formatted NTFS you cannot use it.
To use it , you need to partition and format it first. If there is data on it, back it up.
then go into disk management, select this drive and partition it, then format it. - all data will be lost
mjordanbAuthor Commented:
Thanks - the hard drive is FAT32.  The generic USB pen is 'FAT'.  Looking at my hardware profiles, the USB port on the portege is USB 1.0, while both these devices appear to be USB 2.0.  Could this be the problem or would the driver compensate?  I have ordered a PCMCIA USB 2.0 hub on eBay, to make the conversion.
normally, when you connect a usb 2.0 device to an usb1.0 hub, it will only display the message that  you have a high speed device connected to a low speed port; but it is compatible.
And a usb 2.0 hub will not help speed up, since you still connect to the usb 1.0 port
and the driver ? was it an win98 driver? No win98 driver, no joy !
>>   When I power up with a 'generic' USB pen in the port  <<   do not power up with usb devices attached, it generates boot problems etc... Connect the device AFTER the power up

>>  it isn't recognised at all  <<  this points to a different Problem try this :
disconnect all usb devices, then :
in device manager, select view tab, and click "show hidden devices" - now in the general tab, delete ALL usb entries and reboot and test
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But correct me if wrong, this model does not have any usb ports? ? ?
mjordanbAuthor Commented:
Understand your points so far and thanks for your help so far.

I'm working on an XP machine, while I attempt to get the Toshiba Portege up and running, so I have been able to test my usb devices, which work on my XP desktop.

This European model of the Toshiba Portege has 1 usb port on the body of the machine and one on the docking station.

My copy of win98  (not win98se)  does not have a view tab in Device Manager.  The USB section only has one listing 'Universal serial bus controller'.  There are two subheadings:  'Intel 82440MX PCI to USB Universal Host Controller'  and 'USB Root Hub'

In the Toshiba Hardware section in the Control Panel, I have tried to get the machine to recoginse a USB pen with 'USB Legacy Emulation' truned off and turned on.  This is the problem I need to focus on first.

I think I need a win98 driver for the Archos, so I will proceed to look for one.

You have a usb 1.0 port
you nedd a windows98 driver for the enclosure. If you don't find one, you're out of luck.

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