ASUS Pundit-R P4 Mini Barebone Systems - Random Reboots

I recently purchased 8 Pundit-R P4 Mini Barebone Systems for our Office.

I have added added 512 MB Ram and 160 GB Disks. The problem I am having is with
random reboots. The PC's may run all day fine but the next day they may reboot 3 times
during the day.

I spoke to ASUS about it but they said they were not aware of any such issue
and to check that the BIOS has the latest flash and approved Memory has been used.
This I have done but I still am getting random reboots. I have tried both WD and Maxtor
HDD's (SATA), and the Unit's do not appear to be overheating.

Has anyone else with the pundit had this problem and were they able to resolve it.
Any advice would be appreciated.


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There are several possibilities for random reboots.
First you can check the system event viewer for clues.

---Inadequate or faulty power supply: test to get an idea if you have enough, if you have another psu, you can test with it to see if the original is faulty.
---Drivers-Have you used all updated drivers for your board and components, including video?
---Corrupt OS, a repair/install can fix corruption:
---Overheating: check your cpu temps
---Faulty Ram do a memtest:
---Faulty hardware..try a diagnostic disk like Ultimate Boot CD to test cpu, hard drives (also has memtest):

To clarify if the problem is hardware related or software related,  using a live cd can help you determine where the problem is.
If you have no problems with the live cd, it points to software, if you do, it's hardware.

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I checked out the barebones system at Asus' site. It comes with a 200w psu, which is quite low, but I imagine it was rated for the system. Trying one system with a higher wattage may show if it's the problem.
The following link includes the drivers for the system: : The 'Utilities' tab contains chipset drivers in 2 parts for download, and the 'Drivers' tab has audio drivers.  If the drivers haven't yet been installed, it can create an unstable system causing reboots.
Check, also, your Radeon onboard video in device manager, to see that it's properly listed as Radeon 9100 and that it's stated as running properly. If all of the drivers have been installed, updating this one with ATI may help with instabilty.

Are all 8 machines doing the same? Have you noticed if the machines are rebooting after a certain event, like accessing an optical drive, or using a certain application?

Disabling the “restart on system failure” feature may permit the exact cause to be isolated: Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under “Startup & Recovery,” click Settings. Under “System Failure,” uncheck the box in front of “Automatically restart.” when you receive the BSOD error, post it. BTW- I'd do this on one system, first to try to resolve the problem, then move on to the others.
stephenbeavanAuthor Commented:
Thank you maramom for you very detailed, informative and helpful submission. There's a lot there so I give them a try. StephenB
Starting with the drivers on one system as well as disabling the 'auto restart' is the easiest way to start your troubleshooting. If you noticed that the reboots occur most frequently when accessing an optical drive, it points to the PSU.

Best of luck!
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