Win2003 Server and Mac OS 10.4 clients

What is the best way to configure a 2003 Server to support a mix of PC users and Mac OS 10.4 clients? We are experiencing issues with user logins
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I personally recommend people use AdmitMac from

It works great and is easy to use.

What kind of errors are you getting?  Do you have the appletalk installed on the server?
klwalshAuthor Commented:
AFP is installed on the server
users are being denied access to the volume shares, when previously they had access
files are occasionally getting corrupted (Quark files - we copy down locally to the server and return it when done working on it) - we don't work directly off the server
check the share permissions AND ntfs permissions, check if the folders are inheriting permiissions .....maybe somehwere above them permissionss have changed...
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