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I am looking for backup software that will do the standard incremental, differential, or full copies.  However, I also need the backup software to be able to backup Outlook 2003 and Outlook Express.  Will need to run on an external hard drive and be able to do scheduled backups.  It must also be able to run backups over a peer to peer network.  Any suggestions.


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If this is a Windows PC/server then NTBackup that comes with the OS will do all the above. THis is basically a cut down version of Vertias BackupExec.
V BE will also do SQL and Exchange brick level backups out of the box if you want to pay for it.

Hope this helps
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If you are simply backing up Outlook .pst files, then standard backup software will work fine.

If you are using an Exchange server and your messages are stored on that, then you need more involved software.  But it doesn't sound like that.

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