Registry Mechanic vs Registry Booster

I just downloaded Registry Mechanic, but I also have a trial version of Registry Booster. After fixing all the problems Registry Mechanic found, I ran a scan with Registry Booster which found 30 additional problems. I re-ran the scan with Registry Mechanic but it did not find those problems. Do these two programs work differently? Which program can find all problems and fix them?
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Running registry programs can sometimes cause more problems than it's worth if you're not sure how to use it, plus they all operate differently. Fred Langa wrote a great piece where he tried out 10 different registry cleaners, and it's worth a look:

For what it's worth, when I use one, I use CCleaner.
And to answer your question, in the article, Fred basically says that Registry Mechanic isn't worth the trouble, and recommends Easycleaner ( for a free tool, and JV16 PowerTools 2005 ( for a paid tool. I can say that when JV16 was free, it was a very good tool. I haven't used the new version.
Either one can render the system useless . . toss a coin
Hi Lucynka,

you will also find that like spyware scanners, they will pick up different things, if they didnt, then there would be no competition and no reason for more than one scanner and people would be out of money! I agree with simpswr though, they can send your system straight to hell, if you feel neccesitty to use them then backup your reg before a scan

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