Help with <asp:Calendar> and System.Globalization.Calendar

I need help with some ideas and code examples on how to accomplish a web based task scheduler that I am creating. I want to utilize <asp:Calendar> and probably System.Globalization.Calendar (which I know almost nothing about).

Here is what my thought process has evolved into:

Twice Per Week   users will be able to pick the days              
Every Other Day     start date & start date + 2d loop where date is = > now
Weekly          start date & start date + 7d loop where date is = > now
Every Other Week     start date & start date + 14d loop where date is = > now
Monthly                     start date & start date + 1m loop where date is = > now
Quarterly          start date & start date + 3m loop where date is = > now
Twice Per Year     start date & start date + 6m loop where date is = > now
Yearly          start date & start date + 1y loop where date is = > now
Every Five Years     start date & start date + 5y loop where date is = > now
Every Ten Years     start date & start date + 10y loop where date is = > now

Monthly will alternatively be able to choose things such as every third Thursday  (or every second Monday, etc.)    

Each frequency (daily, twice per week, etc. will have an int ID)


My Tasks table:
TaskID (int)
CustomerID (int)
TaskDesc (nvarchar)
FreqID (int)
StartDate (datetime)
Sunday (int)
Monday (int)
Tuesday (int)
Wednesday (int)
Thursday (int)
Friday  (int)
Saturday (int)
Week (int)
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Still looking at this, will come back to you if/when I get something.

net_susanAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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net_susanAuthor Commented:

Any further ideas at all would probably be helpful.
Sorry susan, my email has been on the blink for about a week now, so I've been out of touch. Hope you got it sorted.
net_susanAuthor Commented:
I appreciate that anyone helps me at all, ever.  :)
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