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Upgrading/Migrating Windows 2000 Server & Exchange Server 200 to windows 2003 Server

I will note first the current configuration.
(a) 1 x Windows 2000 Server Standard (File Server), Domain Controller, (LAN)
(b) 1 x Windows 2000 Server Standard (Mail Server), Domain Controller, Exchange Server 2003, (LAN)
(c) 1 x Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, running Citrix Presentation Server 4, (LAN)
(d) 1 x Windows 2000 Server, running Surf Control, (LAN)
(e) 1 x Windows 2000 Server, WEB Server, (DMZ)
(f) 1 x Windows 2003 Server, Citrix Secure Gateway-Web Interface (DMZ)

I have two new servers to replace (a) & (b)
I am installing Windows 2003 Server Standard on the two new servers.

What is the easiest and best way to migrate to profiles & e-mail from the old servers to the new servers ?
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It depends on what you mean by profiles.  If you mean roaming user profiles are on the A server and you want them to serve off of the new server, you can just copy the folders to the new share point and then update the roaming profile paths.  One slick way to make this more transparent is to set up a DFS between the servers.  Replicate the user profiles over a period of a day or two to the new server and update the user profiles to point to a DFS root for profiles.  Then if you ever need to change it again it makes it very easy, just add a new dfs target on the new server, replicate the data, verify that it's in sync, and remove the old dfs target.   If you mean actual user profiles, you could essentially do the same kind of thing.  Set up a share on the new server for profiles, set up those users on the file server who actually log in to the server with roaming profiles pointing to the new server and just logon and off a few times.  That will get most of the profile.  

As for migrating email this is pretty straight forward.  Simply add the new server to the domain, install exchange, update the patches, create your stores, then in Active Directory users and computers highlight all the users, right click, exchange tasks, move mailbox, and move them to the new server.  If the store is very big you can move a few a day over the period of a few days.  The exchange will automatically update the users outlook to point at the new server.  Then after a few days of everyone logging in at the new server, just uninstall the old server.  Make sure you also replicate any public folders to a store on the new box.

Does that help?
I think the question has been answered really.
josephwalshAuthor Commented:
Yes thank you.
The question has been answered.
I completely forgot about it.
Kind Regards,

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