After Standby, PC intermittently unresponsive, mouse cursor jerky

After recovering from standby mode, my wife's notebook is intermittently unresponsive. That is, the cursor will move normally for about 3-5 seconds, then will be frozen for 3-5 seconds. This pattern continues until the user runs out of patience and peforms a hard reboot. A mere logoff/logon does not solve the problem. While this is going on, the CPU load stays at around 8% and never goes over 10%. Examination of running process shows no obvious resource hogs. This notebook has been fully patched as far as Microsoft's updates go and the bios, drivers and applications are all up to date as far as IBM/Lenovo is concerned.

PC -- IBM model R51 notebook (machine type 2887-XXL)
CPU -- 1.30ghz Celeron
OS -- Windows XP Home (service pack 2 applied)
Ram -- 632mb (512+128)

My notebook is also an R51 (but different 'machine type' and has a Pentium-M processor instead of Celeron), but has never had this problem. My company owns several other R51s and R40s, but none of them have ever had this problem. It sure is a drag to have to reboot after coming out standby. It's also a bummer to disable all power management so that it never goes to standby mode at all, because then the battery life is not very long.

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I'm curious if the issue is the same with a plug in usb mouse versus touchpad/stick mouse.  If a usb plug in mouse wourks just fine then I would say it's a driver issue.  Otherwise sounds like hardware, mainboard probably.

I had to replace a mainboard for a usb issue just like this one.  usb worked great unless I came out of standby at which time it would not work without a full reboot.

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If driver update / reinstallations didnt work, you may want to try this one...

I would suggest taking a look at <DEVICE MANAGER> and check the properties of your touchpad/pointing device, go to the Power Management Tab and see if "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is checked or can be toggled. if its checked, uncheck it and try to go on standby and see if the issue would happen again.

a bit of a longshot, but as long as its a portable...

GrayStricklandAuthor Commented:
It took me a while to obtain a USB mouse to test with. As it turned out, the only one I could borrow was a Logitech V200 cordless notebook mouse. It has a USB 2.4ghz wireless radio which links to the mouse. Use of it requires installation of the Logitech Setpoint application. I don't know, but I guess that it may change some drivers as part of the install. Anyway, after installing Setpoint, I can go in and out of standby with no problems -- on ANY of the pointing devices (Touchpoint, Touchpad and Logitech usb wireless mouse). They all work fine now.
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