loading windows 2000 usb keyboard wont let me use f8 to accept terms.

Hi, this has been a thorn in my side for quite a while.  I have to load windows 2000 (usually server) on computers, and for some reason the f8 key wont wonk to accept the licence agreement using a usb keyboard.  I have enabled it in the bios also.

So I use a ps keyboard to load windows.  Problem is, I just got a new Dell box that only has usb, no ps2 connectors.  I canot for the life of me, figure a way past this.  

Question: does any one know a way arround this?  This can't just be me, I have had this problem on multiple sites, many diffrent media disks, and all kinds of hardware.

Thanks in advance.
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have you tried a different keyboard
didn't you get a keyboard with the new Dell ?
I know for a fact that some of the OEM pc's that shipped with a usb keyboard, a generic kb will either not work at all or partially. Usually it is like you stated, the " F" keys do not work. We always make sure the driver , when picking up the pc, picks up the usb kb also.
You may have to get the kb that was originally intended to be used with the pc, which might be expensive. Might be cheaper to build a new pc. I just put together a celeron 2.5 gig , processor and  SATA / PATA mainboard for about $90, for my win 2003 server.

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if the problem is with f8 only you have to scroll the licene agreament all down
then you will be able to press f8.
SlickTechAuthor Commented:
OnSitez - this one didn't come with a keyboard, but I have tried many diffrent keyboards  in the 6 years this thorn has been in my side.  Since this is before the gui portion of the setup, I don't know how to load drivers for keyboard.

Haim96 - no go, 2000 sp1 was like nt40 in that it forced you to scroll down, but sp4 2k seened to stop that.  becides it works with a ps2 keyboard.
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mybe SP4 fixed the problem for ps2 keyboard but not for usb. (microsoft...you know...)
as i say,if all other key work properly. it's worth to try  :)

good luck !
ohh. and another thing !
when you anable the usb in the bios ,beside of turning on the usb support
you should set the usb keyboard support to legacy (or somthing like that...)
Can you get in to the bios?  If the keyboards a usb one and you can get in to bios by pressing del then the bios is detecting the keyboard correctly. I have seen some pcs that have the ps2 ports covered by a plate so they look like they only usb.
SlickTechAuthor Commented:
peregian - I usually can, but not on this one, I can do everything else in the setup but press the f8.  Ill check to see if the mb has a secret ps2 stashed behind a breakaway tin port.
when it gets to that screen unplug and replug the usb keyboard
SlickTechAuthor Commented:
i ended up pulling the drive, putting it in another computer, loading to the point of the acceptance when it reboots, then putting the drive back in the correct system.  Thanks for all the help, I learned allot, and think I may just be dooing something wrong.
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