Am wondering if 2CO can be used to process payments for invoices or if it can only be used to process payments for actual goods or services (i.e. it can only be used for processing at time of checkout).

Are there any other options for processing CC payments on invoices? Besides PayPal...

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Julian M.Web DeveloperAsked:
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Hi Julianmatz,

2CO does allow you to invoice a customer but you need to have that product or service still represented somewhere on your site associated with your 2CO account.

So, you can send a customer an invoice at anytime while in your 2CO account account homepage, but the product or service must be listed on your website and also in your 2CO Products page.

According to 2CO in how to send a customer an invoice via email, they say:

"2Checkout offers a Request Payment option from the Account Homepage where you can fill out and submit a form of what you want your buyer to pay. You simply need to click on the 'Create Invoice' link next to 'Request payment from a client.' An email will then be sent to the buyer's address with a link for them to make a payment with the amount you have specified."

And you do want to be clear when setting-up your 2CO products on your website to let your customers knows if your items are tangible or not.  Tangible means shipping an item in a timely manner verses a service.  Misleading customers to whether an item is either tangible or a service on your website can have your 2CO suspended.  It makes no sense anyway to confuse your customers.

I manage a number of 2CO account for my clients and occassionally we send an email invoice out.  And as long as the product or service is actually listed in your 2CO account and on your website, it works out fine.

I highly recommend 2CO.  They have exceptional fraud checking too and they will transfer funds to many countries around the world including low-cost wire transfer fees.

Paypal is a great service too.  One of the few companies that still allows a website to accept "donations."  I've read a lot of horror stories about Paypal before but so far all of my clients are content with their services.

Good Luck!



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It depends on what country you are in.  If you are in the United States, doing more than $1,000 a month, I would recommend a merchant account.  It would be cheaper for you in the long run.
Julian M.Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys, for the long delay!...


Thank you for your detailed answer. I am developing a system where admins can create invoices for any type of service or product, so the products or services are not pre-defined. Therefore I have decided to use only PayPal for this system as it's a lot easier and 2Checkout would be a little too complicated for this. I have signed up to 2Checkout anyway though because it will be useful for other things such as the ordering system that's coming up right after I'm done with the invoicing software :)


I am doing business from Ireland, and I've looked into some merchant services in Europe, but haven't found anything so far... Can you recommend any from Europe?

You might check out ecs-world.  We worked with them for some time.  

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