live CD Kanotix

Hi I am using Kanotix live CD for using and learrning linux.

What folder should I save my C++ programs?

Secondly snce it is live CD how can I install programs. My wirless network card needs linux drivers. Is there a way i can install that?

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You'll need to mount a disk on your machine (either local or remote).
The exact mount comand cannot be guess without some homework -- i.e.
you can generally mount your machine root filesystem with
mount /dev/hda1 /mnt
If its a vfat filesystem you're fine, if its ntfs, I wouldn't recommend writing you
main filesystem...
If you have space on the machine, a good technique is create a filesystem for sharing things....
Another way would be put in a floppy and use the floppy for storage....

The options are endless....also folders is a windows term, unix talks about directories.

How do you install programs on a live CD?  when you get to thatpoint, you probably want to install a system on your hard can run other programs (assuming you have the expertise, which takes time) by using another filesystem on your machine  (or network) for temporary storage....

If you have a zip drive, that a good way.

If you filled up your main disk with Micro$oft stuff, you have headaches -- if you have free space on your disk, you can make extra filesystems to do different things with.  

Does any of this make sense?  Probably start to practice with a floppy -- you can
make files systems/mount them/destroy them to your hearts content.

I'd recommend NOT doing anything for your main disk until your confident you understand what's going everything to a floppy or if you have a zip disk or usb key or something like that....

anup001Author Commented:
my computer is new and doesn;t havea  flopy drive. Can i use a usb drive?

Secondly i ahve enough space 100G and RAM 2GB. I tried to partition and stuff usign a linux cd but i think becoz it is 64 bit machine it is throwing some error. So i am better off using 64 bit kanotix live cd.

but how do i make a filesystem? any tutorial links and stuff????

Thanks for ur information. I am new to linux so its kinda hard to digest.

anup001Author Commented:
If its a vfat filesystem you're fine, if its ntfs, I wouldn't recommend writing you
main filesystem...

how do i identify if a file syste is FAT or NTFS? I have windws media center edition installed wth no partition on the hard disk.

What kind of parition does installing linux need?
you mean no free partition?

I'd advice you to not touch your hard disk now and go slowly...

Do you know how to reinstall windows from scratch?  This is also a good time to learn that skill....when you start playing with raw disks and do anything wrong, you have to start over....

I'd advise getting some introductory tutorial (I prefer hard copy) which will cover basic information like identifying what partitions you have on your hard disk.  Its useful to know this and how it works (whether or not you use linux).  I know Maddog has "Linux for dummies" -- maybe that's a good place to start....

I don't think there's an easy answer to your problem....unless  someone set it up for you....

You can easily work off a USB drive -- provided the kernel can read it ;-)


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anup001Author Commented:
ok thanks i know it was a lot of stuff that i asked. Like everytime I have a problem I use a bootable windows CD to reinstall.

Thanks anyway.
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