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I am working on setting up an Asterisk VoIP server for an office with 3 POTS lines and 8 extensions.  I am looking for some recomendations for phones, server hardware, etc.  I dont want the absolute cheapest stuff but it needs to be decent.
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For the server I would go for a normal PC. Some of the telephony cards dont work too well with the motherboard chipsets designed for servers so you are better off saving money and getting a normal PC. I would just get two hard disks for the PC so you can run software mirroring.
Thats what I have done for our company (30 phones) and we will be buying a 2nd machine just as a backup in the event of a hardware failure. We purchased a 2u rack mount server from

For your POTS lines I would recomend together with 3 FXO cards for it (may be cheaper to buy a bundle with 4 FXO).

For the extensions we went with the Grandstream GXP-2000 phones due to their POE support and excelent display.

What are you doing about faxing?
You could attach a fax machine to the 4th interface on the TDM400 card (you will need a FXS card for it if you do this) and route all fax calls directly to it.
We have an ISDN30 lines for our telephone calls as we have more people so dont have any analogue cards on our asterisk server. I get asterisk to answer all fax calls and print them out automatically on the printers. For sending faxes we have a few normal fax machines on some analogue lines for sending only.
jmkotmanAuthor Commented:
I was checking the site and are FXO cards used for connecting to POTS or analog extensions?
FXO is used for connecting to POTS lines.
FXS is used to connect to telephones faxes or anything you would normally plug into a POTS line.
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