Abit AG8 Third Eye

Hi i wonder if someone could help me please i am trying to setup Raid 0 on this board and install windows xp onot that volume but i cannot seem to find the right driver can anyone clarify where i might find this driver,i thought i had the right driver but when i try to install it at the XP setup F6 it errors with a error at line 2133 with a path name please can someone help i have bought 2 new 250gb drives and they are just sat doing nothing

i hope i have supplied enough info but if anyone needs anymore then i will check and update as required
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Tell us a little more, what are your harddrive vendor? WD, Seagate, Maxtor?

When you bought those drives, the driver should come with them. If not, you should have to search them on vendor website and download.
EmbazzyAuthor Commented:
Right an update i have managed to get it installed but to help anyone in the same situation out i used the file iata51_enu.exe with the following switches "iata51_enu.exe -a -a -p c:\raid1" this extracts the correct files to the raid1 directory on the root drive all you need to do then is copy the files in that directory onto a floppy and press F6 at the prompt during the windows xp cd install use the driver with the FR ending on it and all goes smoothly from then i now have my install done and Raid0 running

thanks or your response Punky much appreciated

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